Digital PR: How to Build Relationships from Afar

Digital public relations accounts for what a lot of industry pros practice these days. I know I’ve talked before about leveraging social media and the Internet to broadcast your messages, but what about building relationships using technology? Figuring out how to make people care through a computer screen or smartphone may be tricky, but it’s extremely rewarding when it works. Don’t let a computer screen be what stops you from reaching out and connecting.

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Analyzing Your Digital Impact

One of the biggest discussions about social media and PR is the return on investment, or ROI. Professionals across the board are trying to figure out how much – if at all – their online efforts are paying off. There are lots of fancy tools out there that will generate colorful pie-charts about your Twitter accounts, Facebook likes, and RSS imports, but you can find out a lot about your efforts just by getting your hands dirty… even though infographics are fantastic.

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Being Your Own PR Person in the Online Era

You have the degree. You have the skills and qualifications. Do you also have an online presence that will land (and keep) the job?

You may have worked with Fortune 500 companies, but you are always your most important client. After all – if you can’t represent yourself, others won’t want you to represent them.

Keep reading for five essential tips about being your own advocate in the digital age.

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Using Social Media to Build Credibility

It seems as though almost everyone has a presence on the web these days. With the ability to post content virtually anywhere, how can you distinguish your voice as one worth listening to? Building credibility is key to making the most of your social networks, and is the difference between talking at your audience, and talking to them. Here are 5 things to keep in mind every time you broadcast something on the web.

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Zamolution Appoints Stephanie Parker as Public Relations and Social Media Director

Zamolution, LLC, a renowned visionary in online marketing and public relations, today announced the appointment of Stephanie Parker as Public Relations and Social Media Director.

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