Top Improvements for Google +

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Google loves to compete with virtually anyone, and very often, it does a pretty good job in any of its undertakings.  Not surprisingly, Google has developed Google +, its challenger to the Facebook empire.

Time will tell whether or not Google + will be able to make a significant run at Facebook.  In the meantime, take a look at a few of the best improvements Google has made:

The noisy main stream can now have its volume adjusted by simply using a sliding volume control at the top of every circle.  Users will be able to adjust how posts integrate into their main stream, making it easier to focus on the posts they find the most important.

New events are now easier for users to understand, and more information has also been added to the notifications menu.  In the past, you had to navigate to the new content to determine what just happened.

Now, Google has also added a red notifications indicator to the Google bar, making it very obvious for even average users to understand when new updates happen.

Google has also allowed users to see any +1’s or shares their content may have received since the last time they checked.

Google has also introduced several improvements to photo viewing. Navigation has been altered to ease use of the utility.  The design has been changed so that more focus is placed on the photo, and not the things going on around it.

By far the most important improve to Google + was allowing up to 50 people to be administrators for a page.  Unlike many companies, Google chose to listen to public feedback.  Now small and mid-size businesses don’t need to deal with all the hassles of sharing login information among many different users.

Any of the 50 individuals allowed to be administrators will also be informed of all activity that takes place on the page.

Google also now provides information on the number of users who have interacted with a particular page.

All of these updates add up to a much-improved user experience.  And, if Google continues to listen to its users and create the most user-friendly social networking service available, Facebook just might have a worthy competitor.

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